Name:               BEUDEAN

First name:       VASILE

Date of Birth:    February 28, 1949

Place of Birth:  Cluj


str. Ovidiu nr. 23   400269Cluj
tel. 0744-645411,   0364-111658, 
fax 0364-811571  



Engineer, Machine Building Technology

Designer, “Ioan Andreescu” Academy of Arts, Cluj-Napoca



            - academic education: 

            - 1967-1974 Technical University of Cluj, Machine Building Technology

            - 1984-1989 University of Art and Design of Cluj

           - high school: 1963-1967

           - secondary school: 1960-1963

           - primary school: 1956-1960


1.1974-2001: design engineer – ICPIAF, ICP, IPA Cluj-Napoca, Forma Design.

2.Visiting professor, as of October 1, 2000 at the Product Design Department of the Cluj Technical University

3.1990 to present - owner of the company Forma Studio Design Ltd.

4.1974-1984: university lecturer, associate (visiting) professor“Ioan Andreescu” Academy of Visual Arts Cluj-Napoca, design

5.1984-1989: student of the “Ioan Andreescu” Academy of Visual Arts Cluj-Napoca, design

6.Since 1992, training in the Corel Draw 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 graphic software and computer editing

7.Experienced in printing work and working with printing houses, since 1974

8.Practical experience in working as a designer (car bodies, machine building industry, consumer goods industry, interior design, 

      architecture, educational toys, advertising graphic, since 1974

9.Practical experience in serigraphy, since 1980

10.Practical experience in the processing of epoxy- resin reinforced with fiber glass and plastic vacuum

11.Practical experience in automobile dyeing

12.Practical experience in the AERBRUSH technique

13.Training course in advertising marketing organized by the “Babes-Bolyai” University, the Transilvania Business School

14.Training course in the design software AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max (beginner)


ICPIAF and Tehnofrig Cluj 
                        - bakery line for Iraq, beer brewery lines, bakery machine and device engineering.
- campaign kitchen, cryogenic thermometer, air conditioning device for refrigeration trucks
and off-road vans, 
- the watch of Mihai Viteazu Square Supermarket
IPA and Electrosigma Cluj
           - IN-4010, FD 5040, PB 2050, SV-8020, FD-5014B, CO-1120 automatic testers, manual 
device, SIMUN

Cluj Institute for Chemistry

  - SFV-5M visible range

Machine Tools Sibiu

                     - injections machine MIT P1000/330


- Leaflets

- I.P.A. S.A. Cluj, Napochim S.A. Cluj, – Napomar S.A. Cluj, 

         - Cluj Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, – the ORL Clinic Cluj, 

         - MEDINF ’96 (the 19th National Conference on Medical Informatics 

- Posters

         - Cluj Technical University, – Plastic Surgery Ward of the Cluj Recovery Hospital, 

         - the 9th  edition of the National Symposium on Automation and Testing, Cluj-Napoca 1996,

- Napocensis International Jazz Festival 1999, – Argos Collection of the Dacia Publishing 


      - UNO Safety-Security, – School of European Studies (Babes-Bolyai University)

- Book covers:

- International Commercial Law – Mircea N. Costin

- Shakespeare; a sociological lecture – Andrei Roth

- Elementary Treaty of the Physics of the Globe – Adrian Motiu

- Poetry – I.L.Caragiale; - Personality Tests – Victor Bodo

- Both – L.Rebreanu; - Embers – L.Rebreanu: - Gorilla – L.Rebreanu

- Delinquency-Psychosocial Landmarks – Marioara Petcu

- Dictionary of Dreams – J.M.Leroux; Italian-Romanian Dictionary;

- Hungarian-Romanian Dictionary; - Once again in the Agora – Matei Boila

- Mathias Sandorf – Jules Verne; - The Nazi Myth-J.L.Nancy

- March-April Editorial Program; - Robots for Special Applications – V.Ispas

- Letter of an AIDS sick man to the sky – V.Chira; Simleului Depression – F.Bente

- TRIPTIC – L.Radu; - Tristan and Isolda, An International Episode – H.James

- Bizarre Pages – Urmuz; Technical Creativity-C.Ciupan

- Functional Dispepsia-D.L.Dumitrascu, O.Pascu; Composed Materials-V.Iancau

- The Romanian People Culture and Civilization, Synthesis-M.Goga

- Orient Express, Disputes-A.Laszlo; Star Voyage Techniques-Victor Bodo

- Theory of Information Transmission-Monica Borda

- Woodstock, the Royalist-W.Scott; Yoga, the Breath Gymnastics-A.Iorga

             - Drawings

- anatomical drawings of the chapter belonging to prof.Bareliuc Nicolae, Ph.D. of the book

Arterial Aorta System under the supervision of prof.Pop D.Popa, Medical Publishing

House, 1982

- Graphic and editing

- the magazine Cancer Info Magazin of the Romanian Cancer Society from Cluj-Napoca

  the book Recovery of the Cardiovascular Ill, prof.D.Zdrenghea, Ph.D. and I.Branea,

  Clusium Publihing House, 1995


- Invention patents nr.73228 (1975), trade mark registration certificate nr.32264, 29181, 28621,042729, 

  043222, 043224, 042728, 

- invention patent application nr. 116050/26.09.2000, nr. 116067/26.09.2000


- 2nd place in the small automobiles bodies contest at the Pitesti Automobile Enterprise 


            - 1st Prize at the Student Cine-clubs Festival 1970, Cartoon section

            - 1st Prize at the Scientific Communications Section of the Cluj Polytechnic Institute, 1972,

     in Industrial Aesthetics

            - 2 second prizes and 2 third prizes at the Design Biennial in Sibiu, 1988

            - group design exhibition, Technical University, October 1989

            - group design exhibition, February 1990, group design exhibition, March 1990

            - group exhibition design, May 1990, Cluj TV Studio

            - Design Promotion exhibition November 18-22, 1996 (group) Cluj Union of Plastic Artists


            - 2 models of medium power automobiles for the Pitesti Automobile Enterprise

            - Architecture design for the Suceava Genes Bank

            - 2 models of pick-up trucks Dacia 1304 for the Pitesti Automobile Enterprise, 1988

-studies of  visual identity for

- ICPIAF Cluj-Napoca,- Napoca Constructii SA Cluj-Napoca,- Plant ExtractLtd.

Cluj-Napoca,- Metalurgica SA Aiud,- Comat SA Cluj,- Teraplast SA Bistrita,

- Cluj Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture,- Carierele Poieni SA Cluj,

- Ardeleana SA Alba Iulia,- Romsilva RA Alba Iulia,- Laboratory of Medical Bio-statistics

Cluj,- Mebero (Mercedes Benz Romania) SA Cluj,- Foresta Haus SA,- Pharma Salto 

Med SA Cluj,- Astoria Ltd.Cluj,- Aldo Ltd. Cluj,- Akampo Ltd.,-Arca Ltd.Cluj, 

- Asconsulting Ltd. Cluj,- Beauty Queen Ltd. Cluj,- Belpan Ltd. Cluj,- CATV Ltd. Cluj,

- Impuls Ltd. Cluj,- Laura Ltd.Cluj,- Leotex SA Cluj,- Loril-Design Ltd.Cluj,- Meridian, 

- Multimex Ltd. Cluj,-Napotex SA Cluj,- Transport Urban Turda SA,- Teric Ltd. Cluj,

- Aris SA Arad,and others.

- architecture designs for private individuals (5 completed)

- architecture designs for Saint Mary Private Hospital Cluj

- design and arrangement Vitacom Ltd. shop Cluj (1993)

- 8 sq.m. kitchen design

- 12 sq.m. kitchen design, with prototype

- design of the DEDAL Program, educational program for children between 7-12 years, 

completion of some of the products included, at an industrial scale (as of 1991)

- study of visual identity, promotion program, web site, multimedia introductory CD for the School of

European Studies Cluj,

- web site for Forma Studio Design:

- Architect prof. Virgil Salvanu, tel. 0040-264-591818
      “Ioan Andreescu” Academy of Visual Arts, Section of Design
str. F. D. Roosvelt nr. 8,  Cluj,  tel. 0264-595704,  fax 0264-592890 
- Dean ass. prof. Adrian Alamorenu,
- Head of the Design Chair, Cristian Chesut 

       Cluj Technical University

str. Constantin Daicoviciu nr. 15, 400020  Cluj, tel./fax  0264-594921

            - prof.eng.  Gheorghe Lazea, Ph.D.

- prof. eng. Petru Berce, Ph.D. 

- prof. eng. Adrian Rosu, Ph.D.

      Cluj Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture,

str. Horea nr. 3, Cluj,  tel. 0264-432220,  432632,  fax:432800

- Marius Veres Danciut, Head of the Marketing-Strategy Dept.